GirlCon 2022
What's on the agenda?
2022 Conference Agenda
GirlCon 2022 will have VIRTUAL sessions from June 15th-17th. Details below. All times in Central Time (CT). Scroll down for bios.
June 15th
June 16th
June 17th

2022 Virtual Keynote Speakers
Hear from inspiring women to kickstart your career and gain the confidence to launch forward in tech and beyond.
Joy Ofodu
Joy is deeply passionate about empowering underrepresented people in entertainment and technology. As a celebrated voiceover artist and storyteller, she has drawn over 10M views to her original digital comedy content and countless more to inclusion-centered marketing campaigns globally. She holds a Master of Science in Marketing from Santa Clara University and Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Southern California.

Previously, Joy has spoken through many brands, inc. Facebook, Star Wars, thredUP and NAACP Image Awards. Her work has been featured on Los Angeles Times, AdWeek, AfroTech, Refinery 29, Deadline, Afropunk and more. Learn more at

Katie Cook
Katie Cook is the first female pilot to perform with the US Navy Blue Angels. She served in the active duty Marine Corps as a KC-130 pilot for 12 years, accumulating over 1400 flight hours, 400 of which are in combat. She transition to the USMC Reserves and is now the Senior Director of Sales Strategy for Salesforce's Global Public Sector. In this role, she leads the Global Sales Strategy team, providing market insights that drive Salesforce's B2G segmentation and growth priorities that power the sales teams forecasting, planning, and budgetary processes. She has three children and is married to another Blue Angel alumni.
Gayatri Datar
Gayatri Datar is the co-founder and CEO of EarthEnable, a social enterprise that aims to make living conditions healthier for the world's poor, first by eliminating dirt floors. Dirt floors make people sick, and concrete is unaffordable to billions of people. EarthEnable solves this problem by selling a proprietary floor that is 80% cheaper than cement. Prior to founding EarthEnable, she worked at several international development organizations, across the private, public, and NGO sectors. She was a Senior Consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, where she focused on impact investing/social entrepreneurship, energy access, and agriculture. Prior to that, she worked at the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank conducting impact evaluations largely in agriculture. She has also consulted for the Government of Liberia's Department of Revenue, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Finance Corporation, and grassroots NGOs in India, Namibia, Nicaragua, Albania, and the United States. She holds a BA in Economics from Harvard College, an MPA/ID from the Harvard Kennedy School, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she was an Arjay Miller Scholar. She is an Echoing Green Fellow, a Stanford Social Innovation Fellow, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient.
2022 Virtual Breakout Session Bios
Tech + Music Production: Amy Wozniak
In this session, you will learn how to create real and cool music using Python code. This session will require you to follow along and code alongside me as we explore the different ways to create a beat, song, and rhythm. Not musically talented? No problem! Neither am I, and I've been able to come up with some really fun songs. Don't know Python? Also, not a problem! We start with the basics. Hope to see you in my session!
Tech + Artificial Intelligence: Capgemini
With the customer preferences that are changing, the industries are adopting newer methods to match the pace of changing demands. Banking is digitizing as the word spreads. There is evident incorporation of operational process flows with artificial intelligence, robotics, and other machine assistance.Technology and the fourth industrial revolution have penetrated its way into many sectors. This technology is now reconstructing social skills and the workforce. Not only limiting the existence of a changing workforce, but the use of artificial intelligence is very evident in the banking sector. Artificial intelligence applications are not just modernizing the banking sector but the entire world as we know of. Read more about the top artificial intelligence applications.
Tech + Data Science: Jody Porrazzo
Automating NLP/ML/ AI and defining kpis for commercial success is problematic for many organizations. This session presents a project methodology that was executed as part of a holistic approach in operationalizing NLP. We describe the challenge/opportunity, data science and analytic approach, technology framework and share the impact and outcome on e-commerce.
Tech + Mental Health: Sesh
The tech + mental health session will focus on how technology can enable access to quality mental healthcare.
Tech + Empathy: Nag
Bots, Drones, Robo-Shoppers, Super AI, AV (autonomous vehicles)..: automation in every industry has taken a revolutionary pace in AI adoption in the last five years. In the race to innovate AI solutions, grounding ourselves in humaneness and empathy is imperative for our co-existence with machines. Potential benefits of AI might be boosting efficiency in healthcare, military, ecommerce, aviation, entertainment, education…the list goes on, but it is high time to act responsible! What is responsible AI? – Responsible AI=Empathy!
Tech + Consumer Demand: Capgemeni
The new era of connected commerce is powered by data. Data has alerted us that consumers demand brand purpose, convenience and speed. Data makes consumers human and enables brands to fulfill promises. Learn what matters to today's consumer and how you can help companies you work with meet those needs.
Tech + Activism: Teal Media
In this session, we'll explore the interaction of tech and activism specifically through the lens of website design and development. See how Teal media works with their clients in the social impact space to drive users to take action online for causes they care about.
Tech + Engineering: Devi-Labs
Security, Software, Product, and Operations Engineering all have similar career ladders. To craft your 5 year and 10 year goals, you will need to understand how the career ladder works and what are the role expectations as you move up. This talk will cover how you can stay a vital part of any organization as an engineer and continue challenging yourself.
Tech + Beauty: Capgemeni
During this session, Madhavi, Annika and Ally from the Capgemini Invent Beauty Consulting team will share how digital and technology trends have impacted the Beauty and Skincare market through firsthand experience helping their clients, some of the most iconic brands in the space – Kiehl's, Maybelline, Kylie Cosmetics, Lancôme, Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics. In addition, we'll share what this means for young pre-professionals like yourselves who may be curious about current and future opportunities in the Beauty and Skincare job market. If you have an existing interest in beauty or skincare, come ready to share about your favorite products, influencers, and hacks. If you're new to Beauty and Skincare but curious to learn more, come ready to listen and enjoy!
Tech + Travel: Expedia
Join Expedia Group on a journey through time on how technology has helped revolutionize the travel industry and where it will go next! In this breakout session we will explore designing RESTful APIs that scale across travel products.
Tech + Sustainability: Catching A Wave
There is an ever-evolving need for new ideas about sustainable development in a world of constantly shifting biophysical and social realities. This is especially pertinent in coastal land and seascapes: spaces where a myriad of societal activities and productive and dynamic natural systems co-exist. Catching a Wave engages both artists and scientists in harnessing technology and generating collaborative pathways for sustainability action. and further the evolution of a model for collaboration by identifying challenges to integration
Tech + Gen Z: Ananya Jain
Ananya is the founder and CEO of FullCircle, a startup built for GenZ, by GenZ. If you want to have a fun time hearing about how cockroaches got Ananya a meeting with the President of India- or about her crazy career being awarded by the Swiss government and The British Royal family, or her story behind starting FullCircle- come chat with her during this session! Her startup, FullCircle is solving the loneliness problem for our generation using technology. For more info on her, check out her Linkedin profile, or this Forbes article about her.
Tech + National Security: Candice Frost
Explore opportunities with the US government and the integral nature of tech in both our defense and intelligence community. COL Candice E. Frost will speak with you about opportunities to receive scholarships and paid internships with the United States Cyber Command and the National Security Agency.
Tech + Art: Hack Club
Curious about how art and code intersect? Join Lailah from Hack Club to learn about computational creativity and complete a mini-project.
Tech + Law: Leslee Cohen Hershman Cohen
In this session, Leslee Cohen will open your eyes to the many ways that your interest and skills relating to technology can be used in the practice of law.
Tech + Environment: Rachel Berry
This session will facilitate a discussion surrounding current technologies that prevent environmental catastrophe on a daily basis and upcoming technologies that may play a huge role in the preservation of our planet. Join in to see how you can get involved!
Tech + Storytelling: Rachel Gelb
When it comes to working in technology, the why behind what you do matters. Being able to connect to your audience, understand what their challenges are, and tell a compelling story that can help to solve those problems are key to being successful in any industry! In this workshop, we will take topics of your choice and build a why behind what you are "selling".
Tech + Recycling: Glass Half Full
Franziska Trautmann, Co-founder and CEO of Glass Half Full, will dive into her journey starting a recycling business while in college. She will touch on everything from how she fundraised to her daily life as a young CEO
Tech + Media: Disney
Crafting the Narrative with Data and Design. Presented by Heather Chuang, Lead Real-time Developer / Cinematic Director and Eliza McNair, Software Engineer, dive into how The Walt Disney Company leverages emerging real-time technologies across brands like ESPN and Disney Television Animation, and how the members of the Media Technology team pathed their way to becoming creative technologists at one the most well-recognized media companies in the world.
Tech + History
Join us in exploring how technology helps us better understand and challenge ideas of humanity in the past. Learn more about examining our history in new ways that allow us to find connections in all disciplines.
Tech + Intellectual Property: Susan Hallen, Nikki Little, & Christine Filarski

How many patents are used to protect a SmartPhone (hint: over 10K!)? Join us to understand how to protect your innovations. Intellectual Property, in the form of Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets or Copyrights, provides the protection and rights. In this session we will introduce Intellectual Property, discuss real world examples, the use of technology in the IP space, NFTs, and careers in IP.
Tech + Space Sciences: Nadine Ordaz
From starting out as a new community college student to becoming a UC Berkeley student doing research at NASA, it's not as terrifying as it seems to break into the world of hands-on experience. Come learn how to navigate internships, how my past experiences led me to where I stand now, my current work and projects, and how you can also get involved in space sciences!
Tech + Food: Aceline Chiu
Crafting the Narrative with Data and Design. Presented by Heather Chuang, Lead Real-time Developer / Cinematic Director and Eliza McNair, Software Engineer, dive into how The Walt Disney Company leverages emerging real-time technologies across brands like ESPN and Disney Television Animation, and how the members of the Media Technology team pathed their way to becoming creative technologists at one the most well-recognized media companies in the world.
Tech + Languages: Jaynie Cheng
In this session, attendees will share experiences about learning language with online tools/platforms, and how social media provides a student-centered and authentic learning experience.
Tech + Healthcare: Catherine Gregor

Learn more about the paths to clinical research and how technology is helping shape how drugs and devices are tested and approved. For context, clinical trials/ research is the process of testing new drugs and treatments before they can be available to the public to make sure those drugs and treatments are safe and actually offer a benefit to patients. Catherine Gregor of Florence Healthcare will explain what clinical trials are and how technology can help advance cures faster.

2022 Virtual Professional Development Session Bios
Stepping Up: Growing into Leadership: ISACA
Ms Ramona Ratiu- MS, CISM, CISA, GSTRT, ITRF and current President of the ISACA Chicago Chapter will provide insights into her leadership style based on trust and sense, and her approach that encourages relationship between people despite their differences of opinion. She unveils the power of self- awareness and self- confidence, and how her efforts led to being selected as the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Chapter Leader Award. Under her leadership, the ISACA Chicago chapter won the first two globally recognized awards.
Unleashing the Power of Your Leadership Voice: Yolanda Rabun
Engage with Yolanda Rabun, a Technology Lawyer, Actor and Singer, in fun interactive exercises that can help any person understand, hear, and control their voices to speak with great power, range and excellent tone. You can deliver appropriate messages with great feeling and depth through melody, mindset, and motion!
Women in Tech & Trading: IMC
Please join IMC Trading for an interactive info session with several of our talented Traders and Engineers. You will have the opportunity to learn about what a career looks like within the Trading Industry, the different types of roles we offer, how IMC stands apart from other companies, and how to stand out in our competitive recruiting process. There will also be time for Q&A so you can ask our panelists more in-depth questions about life at IMC. We can't wait to meet you!
Cyber/Tech/STEM Career Development – Women in Government: DOE
In this career development roundtable, women from across the Department of Energy will share their career pathways, what their day-to-day routine looks like, and offer words of wisdom for working in STEM/cyber/tech for the federal government. The candid discussion will also touch on what it is like to be a woman working in this field and encourages open dialogue about how to break barriers and encourage future generations to join their ranks!
Elevator Pitches: IBM
This is the complete guide to an elevator pitch — learn the elements, how to apply it, hear examples, and get ready to make your own first draft!
Networking & Mentoring: Sarah Olaes
It's NEVER too early to start developing your networks to expand your horizons! But how do you do that? Why should you do that? Please join this session to learn more about the power of mentors in your life and much more!
Writing A College Application: Anamita Guha
You are more than your numbers! In this hands-on session, you learn about what colleges are looking for in the application essay and learn strategies to stand out.
LinkedIn Workshop: Capgemini
You've heard LinkedIn is important, but is it actually? LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram and it's more relevant than ever! Discover how to get the most from your LinkedIn profile from finding a job, a network connection to building your brand. LinkedIn is one of the most important parts of being a full-fledged professional no matter your location, age or profession.
Resume Building: IBM
In this session, we will be empowering attendees to create professional resumes that highlight their skillsets, demonstrate personality through different resume styles, and introduce tools to make designing your resume simple and easy. Guest speakers Melissa and Clarissa are IBMers with diverse backgrounds, many versions of their resumes, and can't wait to share fun tips and tricks on bringing the professionalism to paper!
GirlCon 1-on-1 Sessions
Meet 1-on-1 with a professional and get feedback on your interviewing skills, and/or your resume!
GirlCon Global Networking session
Get a chance to fully immerse yourself in the GirlCon Community with a session to meet GirlCon attendees from across the world. Connect with them, share information, learn about new opportunities, and make new friends!
College Panel
Get your most pressing questions answered about college and meet students from a variety of colleges including Princeton, University of Georgia, UCLA, and more!